Night of the GAYS!

Tonight, my Beau and I decided to try a new pho place in a neighboring town, and when we were driving along, we saw the butch I used to date before I met my Beau. She was walking along holding hands with a femme, and I felt very glad to see that she was doing ok. And then, not four blocks later, we saw another butch, hollering across the street to someone. She was so cute! AND THEN, we got to the restaurant, and a two-mom family came in with their little boy, who spent the whole time with his nose in a book, and when we left the restaurant, two humongeous fags went in right after us and the butchier one held the door for the femmier one, who was wearing such a fabulous, very pressed and starched stripe-y pastel pink and green and yellow shirt. So adorable!

It was a two-butch night! Three, if you count my beau. It was SO GAY! And boy did it cheer us up no end. It wasn’t even Pride or anything! It’s so great when you go out and the whole world is gay with you.

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