All Around the Town

When I went to the bank this morning, I realized that all the tellers were women and that they all had really fixed bosoms. I mean, the bras were just a hair away from the ol’ bullet bras of yore. I know there’s this thing now of nipple-hiding, but I didn’t realize breasts are also not supposed to move an iota, but it appears to be true. I could notice all of this because everybody’s shirts were really tight. This was not all I noticed. I would also like to let you know that the tellers (all women, all bullet-bra’d, all wearing tight shirts) all had a badge with a little paper flap hanging from it, perched precariously on or above one breast. The flap was an advertisement and said something like, “Ask me about how to get more bang for your buck!” or some other lie. I thought, how humiliating that they have to wear that thing on their titties. On the other hand, given how prominent and unmoving and proud their “girls” were, perhaps the tellers enjoyed the eye-catching advertisement flap directing attention to that area; one more reason for customers to look. The teller helping me was Indian and apart from her unmovable, on-display chest, she also sported very endearing, crooked teeth. I love seeing people who don’t look like they’ve come from the American Stepford dentist.

After going to the bank, I stopped in at the post office to take care of some tax mailings. Bosoms in the post office were much more subdued, and, in fact, barely noticeable below the blue-gray postal uniforms.

That’s all for now as I must sign off to go pick up Owen from school.

I remain, your Total Femme, reporting on boobies right here in town.

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