Why The Total Femme?

After the November elections here in the U.S., I made the commitment to use my blog to send love and support to all queer femmes. I’d been writing intermittently since 2008 about my family and various other topics such as queer literature, social justice issues, movies, tv shows and more, but after the election I got way more serious and started posting every week.

On Mondays, I post a Meditation for Queer Femmes, modeled after a book I inherited from my grandmother Mimi: Reflections for Women. I try to address issues specific to queer femmes, to hold up our lives, and to offer spiritual sustenance. Posts have addressed aging, the impact of art, queer femme insight, and how to craft queer ritual.

Every Wednesday, I link to other blog posts or articles in “Pingy-Dingy Wednesday”, to widen the embrace of queer love and inspiration and laughter. I have linked to blogs such as Black Girl Dangerous and Mommy with a Penis, as well as to an article by Urvashi Vaid. I am always on the look out for good links for “Pingy-Dingy Wednesday”, so please send me your favorite links: thetotalfemme@gmail.com.

Every Friday, I highlight queer femmes from all walks of life (including femmes from literature, such as Mary from The Well of Loneliness) to further a sense of queer femme community and to introduce us to each other. Sometimes I host a Femme Klatsch, where various femmes comment on politics, queer life or other topics of interest. Among the many femmes featured are Shar Rednour, Tina D’Elia and T.J. Bryan AKA Tenacious.

I am always looking for queer femmes to feature on Femme Friday, and hope that femme readers of this page might be willing to be in touch with me to this end. There are no requirements to being featured on Femme Friday, other than that you identify as a queer femme. Each queer femme life is beautiful and filled with meaning, and getting to know other femmes is essential for our queer femme health, work, souls, and the world.

Write to me at thetotalfemme@gmail.com.



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