Femme Friday – Kelly in “Tori’s Secret” by Andrea Miller

Oh, it’s so sweet to come across femmes in literature! Even better when one rears her luscious head in a collection of smut, don’t you agree? What a deliciously twisted revenge story this is, with a femme accessing her creativity and her inner butch to even the score…

Deep gratitude to Andrea for loving Kelly onto the page, for calling out butch bad behavior, for gifting us with such yummy butch and femme fuckery and for delving into the infinitely complex and wonderful femme sexual psyche!

…Tori (in her PS) left me with shit to clean up, too. “I’ll be by soon to get my stuff,” she wrote. “Maybe you can pack it for me.” And sure enough almost everything Tori owned was still strewn about the apartment. On the closet floor I found one of her T-shirts that still smelled like her – like men’s deodorant and cigarette smoke. I put it on and crawled into bed, looking for comfort in the cotton. But the clock ticked on without comfort or sleep. Forgetting I hated Tori, I’d lodge a pillow next to my belly and remember her sexy crooked smile and the deep indent her calve muscles created in her shins. Then I’d kick off the blankets and plot fantastical schemes for revenge.

Just about finished, the hairdresser’s razor hummed against my neck and his scissors snipped at a few rogue strands. I looked at my hair lying in clumps on the tiled floor. Then I looked in the mirror and sucked my teeth. Fuck, I wanted to blow a kiss to that sexy butch looking back at me. This was going to work. All I had to do was get the job and buy the cologne Jacqueline loved – the one Katie couldn’t stand and had always refused to wear.

— from “Tori’s Secret” by Andrea Miller, in Stripped Down: Lesbian Sex Stories, edited by Tristan Taormino, Cleis Press, 2005, 2012.

And a tip o’ the femme cock to Tristan, whose inspiring contribution to queer porn is unparalleled!

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Femme Friday — Femme 1999! Dawn Dougherty

When Best Lesbian Erotica 1999 came out, I was riding herd on a toddler and awaiting the birth of his brother. Taking a bath alone at the end of a long day was one of my only moments of peace. So, to “die-hard femme” Dawn Dougherty thank you for that bubblin’ hot bath story! And all best wishes to you wherever you may be, from the femme I was tin 1999, and from the femme I am now.

Deep gratitude to Dawn Dougherty for letting us step behind the shower curtain and witness her super-queer, super-sexy love affair with bathing!

            The tub had filled nearly to the top and the bubbles formed high, soft peaks. Perfect, I thought. I turned the knobs off and put one foot into the fiery water. It took me several minutes to adjust to the temperature. I lay back and momentarily hesitated while I debated leaving my hair dry (I was having a good hair day, after all). In the next instant I plunged my head into the sizzling water and came up with a mass of wet, dangling hair. I pondered how I wanted her to first see me. I leaned forward with my arms wrapped around my legs and hair hanging down my right shoulder. I sat up tall with sudsy nipples just above the water line, hair fanned out across my back. I finally settled on leaning back with one knee bent slightly above the water.

            She opened the door and caught me mid-thought. My stomach did a somersault as she paused at the door and stared at me. The only sound was the water dripping slowly from the showerhead and her deep exhalation. She stood in the doorway for what seemed like an eternity, watching me.

            “That is the best image I have ever seen in my entire life,” she finally said.

–“Water Marks” by Dawn Dougherty, from Best Lesbian Erotica 1999, Tristan Taormino, ed., selected and introduced by Chyrstos; Cleis Press, 1999

Every Friday, I showcase a queer femme goddess. I want to feature you! Write to me at thetotalfemme@gmail.com.