Femme Friday – Sonia Appleberry and Femme: A Woman’s Touch

A recent search for “femme lesbian” turned up Sonia Appleberry’s book, Femme: A Woman’s Touch, an autobiographical work of fiction about a young woman from a small town in Mississippi who goes through some extremely difficult times, but eventually emerges into health and happiness as a femme lesbian who is partnered with another femme lesbian.

Deep gratitude to Sonia for her courage and generosity in putting her story out there, for her efforts to educate about lesbianism as well as about domestic violence, and for her deeply kind-hearted “Conclusion”, which made me cry!

Love can be a dangerous thing. This is precisely why you should choose your mate carefully. Whether it’s a man or a woman, this choice can be a determining factor of the rest of your life. There are millions of gays and lesbians in the world. The life we have chosen to live takes courage and confidence. I have spoken with numerous people who are secretly living this lifestyle, but they are afraid to be exposed. They feel that exposure to their life will spark controversy and even strife between them and their loved ones. For the most part, they feel that mothers are easier to confide in than any other family member. They have realized that mother will show love and compassion in any situation. Fathers tend to be unapproachable when it comes to this subject. My mother was one whom I could confide in. I lost her in my adolescent stage to a terminal illness. I can still hear her strong voice that said, “Honey, if there’s anything in this world you want, you’ll have to work hard for it. No one is going to give it to you freely.” I really didn’t understand those words at that time, but after four children and some unbearable days in my life, I clearly understand the message she was sending. I didn’t realize it, but she was sending me some warm words of encouragement.

–from the Conclusion of Sonja Appleberry’s book, Femme: A Woman’s Touch, Trafford Publishing, 2012

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