An Afternoon/Evening in the Life

Sometimes I save posts on my computer but they don’t get to my blog. Here’s one now! Oh, and Happy New Year, by the way.



Today, I was attempting to rest up (I am still recovering from a sinus infection) when Owen came tromping up the stairs home from school, yelling, “MOM!” and then 3 other voices yelled, “MOM!” and when I got down there, after requesting that he not bellow, I saw that he was here with 3 friends from school, who grinned at me and one of them said, “The best thing about Liam is that there are so many of him!” quoting, if you’re not among the initiated, “The Matrix”.


They had snack. They went into the living room and played pile-on-each-other.


That’s all I’ve ever wanted for my life my whole life

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