Femme Friday – The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying To Tell You by Karla McLaren

Ooh, I haven’t done a book in a while! My darlings, this is a good one! If you find yourself jumpy and afraid, even though things are going well and you keep trying to tell yourself it let it go; if you are robustly chanting the Warrior Spirit Prayer of Awakening thus:


and still finding yourself supremely pissed off all of the time, do take a look at Karla McLaren’s fascinating and extremely sensible book about emotions. Thank you to my sweet friend Miel Rose for recommending it when I was trying to find a healthy way to work with grief!

“The socially accepted view is that there are good emotions and bad emotions,” she says. “These categories have a bit of interplay, but basically, good emotions are the ones that make us easy to be around, while bad emotions are the ones that shake things up.” Food for thought, right?

And, she says that strong emotions help provide “protection, deep cleansing, and strengthening of the psyche” as well as increasing “people’s ability to stay focused in their own bodies.” Trauma, our cultural training and so much more keep us away from our innate understandings about the purpose of emotions, but this book guides us in opening back up to our own human wisdom and offers a gentle, profound healing path.

Deep gratitude to Karla for this lovely book!

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