Holler Their Names

We have a history of remembering our dead by saying their names, holding them up and allowing them to rest in peace and power. The names of our people are stitched into the AIDS Quilt, chiseled on wall of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, listed in Holocaust museums, on the walls at Ellis Island and on WWI, WWII and other war memorials in cities and towns worldwide. The names of our beloved are reverently intoned on the Transgender Day of Remembrance, after Orlando, in “Hell You Talmabout” and so many more.

Keeping these unjust deaths in the forefront of our political consciousness and in our hearts is incredibly important.

On the heels of this election, I would also like to start holding up and hollering the names of women and girls (and the occasional queen!) who are inspiring us to remember connection and community; who are birthing revolution and delivering mercy; who keep us laughing, dancing, loving; who celebrate beauty with their art and lives; who help keep us grounded and taking care of business.

Please join in! Because we are not alone and we are everywhere, still loving right the fuck out loud.


(I’ve put a wee moniker by each person’s name, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg for these amazing folks!)


Nia Witherspoon – playwright, teacher, femme goddess

Kin4Life – “Black in AmeriKKKa”

Mahtowin Monroe – National Day of Mourning/United American Indians of New England

Jeannette Hawley – organizer, seamstress, writer, yoga babe, baker, femme goddess

Mel Goldsipe – organizer, activist, Arlington Human Rights Commission

Michelle Obama

Miel Rose – healer, artist, writer, femme goddess

Big Freedia – “Dangerous”

Samantha Sparks – recycling/environmental activist in Chile

Kate Clinton – lesbian comedienne

Milva McDonald – organizer, writer, blogger

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Constance Clare-Newman – healer, dancer, organizer, femme goddess…

This is SOOOOO not the end of the list!!!!

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