Pingy-Dingy Wednesday – Femme Bar

Imagine my delight to come across an article in Boston Spirit magazine about a new dyke establishment, the Femme Bar in Worcester, Mass. Inspired by the Lesbian Bar Project, owners Julie and Danielle Spring set about finding a way to open their own lesbian bar.

From the website:

Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger

Femme is located in Worcester’s Canal District, and we’re a proudly lesbian-owned and run bar and grill. We’re committed to offering a safe place for the female queer and LGBTQ community to come and relax in a welcoming lounge atmosphere while serving only the best food and drink in Worcester, Massachusetts. We’re one of only few lesbian bars in the United States, so we wanted to create a place where the LGBTQ community, especially queer women, can come and feel amazing! However, we welcome all members of our community, so come on down for a good meal and a few drinks! Femme offers a cozy lounge setting and serves the best cuisine and cocktails. Additionally, we have exciting plans! Visit our events page to learn more about our live music, open mic and game nights, book clubs, drag shows, painting nights, and more.

Tex and I hope to make a field trip to out West one day soon. See you there!

I’m a typewriter whompin’, card catalogue lovin’ white girl from back in the day, and I yearn for a time before the covers of trade paperbacks were all squidgy, so you can imagine that I don’t actually understand what a pingback is. I do know that it can in some way be part of spreading the love, and since that’s what I’m all about at The Total Femme… every now and again of a Wednesday, I pay homage to the laughter and inspiration to be had elsewhere online. If you have a favorite, let me know and I’ll post it! Write to me at

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