Femme Friday – Mariah MacCarthy

I’m always on the lookout for YA novels that aren’t about the endlessly amusing and interesting (apparently) lives of cis, white, straight, middle-class and/or rich youth, and here’s an author who has written a very promising one! I haven’t read Squd yet, but am looking forward to doing so. I also am interested in what she says about identifying as femme in a recent interview with Lambda Literary:

In my life, I have endless questions about what “womanhood” means to me. I don’t really identify as a “woman” anymore. Some words I use instead are boygirl, nonbinary, part-time boy, and gender cyborg. But almost everyone still experiences me as a woman, and I feel deep allegiance to women. So, where does that leave me with “womanhood”? I don’t know. I’ve been dressing more “masculine” lately, even though I still identify as a femme, because it’s the fastest shortcut to letting strangers know that I’m gender-weird. My personality is so “feminine”–I’m giggly, and squishy, and very expressive. It feels important somehow to be expressing that from within this more masculine physical container, to merge the two.

Deep gratitude to Mariah MacCarthy for thinking hard about real life, the complexities, nuances, and queerness, and for taking the time to write a YA about a real girl as opposed to a cardboard cut out.


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