Femme Friday – Inspirational Books: the bull-jean stories by sharon bridgforth

Oh my goodness. For the Solstice, let’s travel into bull-jean’s world with sharon bridgforth’s performance stories. In the introduction to the book, she says, “with the bull-jean stories I wanted to celebrate the rural/southern working-class Black bulldaggas/who were aunty-momma-sister-friend/pillars of the church                        always been a working part of our community/giving fierce Love with fineness.” This book is prayer and song and queer sustenance, fierce and fine. Below is just a sweet snippet. I hope you buy the book and treasure it as I have.

Deep gratitude to sharon bridgforth for bull-jean and all her people, for loving that queer history and heritage onto the page and into our lives.



slipn in

ever day


 deacon willie/clara’s man

 go git him

 supplies           umph

 everbody know

 nappy love

 be the one filling him sack.


 every day


 deacon willie/clara’s man

 slip out                        bull-jean

 slip in

            clara git her supplies too

the bull-jean stories by sharon bridgforth, RedBone Press, Austin, TX, 1998

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