Femme Friday – Literary Femmes: Torch Singer, Olivia Hill

Thank goodness for smut. And thank goodness for Best Lesbian Erotica, a series that will reliably yield juicy and delicious tales of queer nastiness. In 2015, the illustrious Laura Antoniou edited BLE, and chose, wisely, to include Nicole Wolfe’s hot and heavy historical story “Lovely Lady Liberty.”

Deep gratitude to Nicole for loving Olivia Hill onto the page, and for allowing her to love on one of the WASPs who definitely isn’t interested in those rowdy airmen at the USO show.           

            Janine and her fellow WASPs had crammed into the back of the crowd inside Hickam Air Force Base’s mess hall. The USO crew had cleared the hall of tables and chairs earlier and put up their portable stage….

Then came Olivia Hall, star of the newest MGM thriller – The Silent Laugh. She played the sultry, strawberry-blonde-haired-hourglass-shaped torch singer who pulled the detective into her web of deceit. She walked onstage in a sequined bikini designed like the American flag and held a burning silver sparkler. The Hickam airmen roared so loud that it wouldn’t drowned out air raid sirens.

“Happy Fourth of July!” she yelled to the crowd. The airmen exploded with catcalls, cheers and whistles. Justine could barely hear her singing a sexy rendition of “You’re a Grand Old Flag.”

Michelle, one of Justine’s fellow WASPs, shook her head as she watched the crowd. “You’d think those guys had never seen a woman before.”

Carla, Justine’s other fellow WASP, just smiled. “That’s fine by me,” she said. “That means we’ll have our pick of the litter after she’s done warming them up.”

Olivia Hill spanked herself with the sparkler, bringing wall-shaking cheers from the airmen. She finished her song, lit an airman’s cigarette with her sparkler and then disappeared behind a curtain.

for the rest of the story, apply to Best Lesbian Erotica 2015, ed., Laura Antoniou, Cleis Press, and enjoy!! Oh, and if you have a favorite literary femme, please let me know!!

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