Meditations for Queer Femmes – Bits and Pieces

It seems to me, there’s a blog where someone records the things they’ve written on bits of papers – notes to themself– and most of the time, they have no idea why they wrote what they wrote, or even if they themself wrote it. Maybe it was a quote from someone else, a song lyric, something they overheard.

Well, Tex and I have been working the FLYlady as we transition from house of teens to house of two middle aged queers who are, hoo doggie, ready to spend more time on art and lovin’.

I have been coming across lots of little pieces of paper, femme sisters, let me tell you!

Below is the found poem of these small records of my thought process, the emotions and wee moments of clarity that grace us all the time. We may not remember what it was, exactly, when we wrote, as I did, “PURE manners manners” but it’s a reminder that we are always thinking, always creating, always observing the world around us and parsing through all that the information to find where we are situated, what is important to us, and how to continue on with our gifts and ideas.

As a writer and a queer femme organizer and activist, I need to remind myself all the time that not every idea has to come to fruition, never mind that “PURE manners manners” might have been a memo to myself about some world-changing event I was machinating. The amount of these bits of paper reminds me that I am always coming up with things, that I am never at a lack for ideas, that there are so many other wonderful queer folks out there, who, like me, are doing art, loving each other, coming up with amazing community-building events and making positive change. And also, that everybody has to go grocery shopping once in a while.


PURE manners manners

not acquisatory – connective

As James Baldwin says

cumulative retreat

Lacey Baker queer skater

Reductress – lez comedy

fruit of generosity

can easily turn bittter and sour

without reciprocity

Femme sister, doing for.

I love myself!

I’m super fly!

I applaud myself

When I walk by!

Queer sex ed

minorities w/in minority; link with other queer youth (or just queer) organizations; law enforcement; policy making; younger


45 mins! An hour!!

mayo lemonade

Ignore culture @ your peril

Trump ignores as much as a progressive liberal might

gay man friend

pretense – can’t tell if femme or butch

indicates he doesn’t want

to look too hard at dykes

respect? misogyny?




I see you, and I like it!

“faceless suburbia”

face of suburbia

art tattoos

cat pee

This is it

Every Monday, I offer a Meditation for Queer Femmes, in the spirit of my maternal grandmother, Mimi, who was fabulous, and from whom I inherited her Meditations for Women.


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  1. I love this!
    Inspired to look thru my scraps, mostly on how to deal with political realities when feeling bummed:

    Let this moment of darkness bring out the best in you

    Whole self presence—fully experience—Amplify bodymind awareness

    Check in with Jen

    Not based on fears

    What sensations? Touch, air, hot windy? Taste, salty?

    Improv/Movement Pause—pause, embodiment, spontaneity.

    End of next week, send to

    When not present, fear? doubt?

    Yay for Pusheen and Fairies. Also Glitter.

    Dance With your Parkinson’s, address psychological state. Embrace.

    Wasn’t always this way—turning point—

    Fierce with med industry

    Folk Dance, remember Thursday

    Honor self and other in exchange of money/energy

    Life Discipline, Transform to better serve

    Cultivate benevolence of body, pleasure in movement

    Desert Vision, dance people, program people, Joanna Macy’s book

    Acknowledge the dark, the chaos, species might not survive.

    Build community of movement explorers—park? Moorton?

    Tapping into pulsing of breath, heart, universe.

    Numinous. How do bodies exist alongside the numinous?

    Skill of benevolence, self-compassion.

    Actualize inner experience of love, away from outside experience.

    Lunar breath, extended exhales.

    What are we? 85% water, a lot of space and electrical currents.

    Dance our prayers for High Holy Days, embody prayers, traditional and creative.

    Connect with Suzi for London lady

    Femme dyke stickers (shirt)

    Brochus area goes blank in trauma, no access to cognition

    Renew, Revitalize, Rejuvenate, Restore, Re-kindle, Re-invent.

  2. Oh, so great! So lovely! “Lunar breath” — yummy! And I expect that London lady is yummy as well! Thanks so much for sharing your femme bits and pieces, Darling! Anyone else?? xottf

  3. […] while back, I wrote a post about notes I take on little pieces of paper, some of which make sense when I find them later, some […]

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