Femme Friday — Nisrine, from “Nisrine, Inside” by Pavini Moray

Sometimes, a girl just wants to take charge. That’s what happens to Nisrine, who’s being taken care of really well by her Daddy, but just feels like exploring some toppy feelings. The two of them make a plan for Nisrine to top her Daddy’s live-in boi, Miki, as it just makes the Daddy chuckle to think about his girl ever topping him. After reading the story, see if you agree with me that Daddy just might have some rethinking to do.

Deep gratitude to Pavini Moray for this sexy, novice femme top!

           She knocks at the door lightly, and as she enters my eyes devour her – matching panties and bra, lace of course. Both the color of sweet cream, well made, and obviously new. Her alabaster skin contrasts sharply with her dark eyes and hair. Her nipples, now hidden by the bra but once rouged by me with her own lipstick, stand erect through the material. I trace the outline of the right nipple, and watch her shudder. I smirk at my ability to make goose bumps rise over her body with such a light caress. She smells of roses and frangipani. I pull her to me.

            I lay her down on the bed and pet her into relaxation, kissing and teasing at the edge of the fabric of her bra. I gradually work my fingers under the bra, until I grasp and fondle her hidden nipple. She starts in on her sweet sighs, but I have to pull back before she’s fully gone into sexy land. We have work to do.

            We go over the plan again. When my boi arrives home, she will go to greet him, and inform him that he is to come to the bedroom. I will place his collar around his neck, snap his leash into place. And then, to his complete surprise, he will be invited to sit in a chair at the foot of the bed, while Nisrine holds his leash.

            And then, if it pleases her, he will be granted permission to touch himself while she and I have sexy time and he watches. His masturbation will be at her discretion, at her desire. Inside, I am nervously excited about his surprise, of my allowing him to be used in this way. It’s not happened before.

–“Nisrine, Inside” by Pavini Moray, from Me and My Boi: Queer Erotic Stories edited by Sacchi Green, Cleis Press, 2016

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