Femme Friday – Tina D’Elia

You may have seen her in Season One of “Sense8”, where she makes a brief appearance as a transphobic lesbian jerk or as Neets puts it, “nothing but a loudmouth, Berkeley bitch!”. In her own work, however, Tina D’Elia uses her big queer talent to focus on the lives of queer people of color, including femmes, butches and trans people. In her 2015 work, “The Rita Hayworth of this Generation,” for example, she tells the story of a queer femme, Carmelita Cristina Rivera, who has embarked “on a journey of self-discovery; but before she can find answers inside herself, she faces heartbreak, shame, and failure”.

Deep gratitude to Tina D’Elia for queer femme inspiration, creativity and healing.

If you live in or near San Francisco, please take advantage of having the great good fortune of being able to see Tina in an excerpt from “Overlooked Latinas”, Monday, Aug. 7, at the Marsh.

Every Friday, I showcase a queer femme goddess. Suggestions welcome!