Femme Friday, Liz Nania

“Step, step, rock step! Great! Very good! You’re all looking wonderful!” That’s femme dance instructor, Liz Nania, wearing a portable mic and her rainbow Hilary shirt because she’s never giving up! She’s teaching the basic steps to swing dancing at December’s Swingtime, a monthly dance for queers. She is also founder and owner of OUT to Dance, and has been teaching all manner of folks to dance for over 25 years. The gift of a queer dance space with Swingtime – one of the longest running queer dances around – is beyond compare.

“This is a no-drama space,” she says to her dancing crowd of queers. “Dance with each other! We encourage you to switch partners and meet folks!” Post election, she says “We need to have fun together and we need to laugh.”

Liz is also a visual artist, whose media are painting, specifically in encaustic, and more recently, textile art. Savor her gorgeous work at www.liznania.com.

Deep gratitude to Liz Nania for making art, for keeping us dancing and laughing with each other!



Every Friday, I will showcase a queer femme goddess. Suggestions welcome!

(Femme Friday is one day late, due to my computer needing work. All better now!)

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