Femme Friday — SublimeLuv

Amber Aliyah Rasool, otherwise known as SublimeLuv, is a Boston-area femme, poet, theraputic mentor and community activist. I had the great privilege of reading with her on the Body Heat: Queer Femme Tour in August, 2015, and never got tired of hearing her recite her gorgeous, sexy, hard-hitting poetry. Catch her at “If You Can Feel It, You Can Speak It” at the The Milky Way Lounge in Jamaica Plain, or check out her chapbook, Roar of a Lioness.

Deep gratitude to SublimeLuv!

For Orlando

I pick up this pen
Putting it to paper
With a heart that
Is shattered into tiny
Specs; like broken glass
Attempting to pick up the pieces
Reflected in the mess
Is my own image
How fitting
They could’ve been
Me, us, my friends, my city
I could die-never breathe again
Over my sexuality
It took me years
To be brave enough
To live in my truth
Such a soul schocking realization
That truth can make one target
But before hate takes me under
I hope my Black Lesbian Womanhood
Shines so bright that
They become blinded by it
May my kiss on her lips
Be a sonic boom
That leaves them deaf
If they see us dancing
Let them be forever frozen in their place
Made statue, spectacle for eons
May the world eternally
Label them ugly
They are the epitome
Of miserable and ignorant
For they hate love
And can’t get
Over gender


Every Friday, I will showcase a queer femme goddess. Suggestions welcome!