Baby Chickens and Muffins

At around 11pm last night I was awoken by the motherly sixth sense, as I often am when someone creeps along to the bathroom in the wee hours, only this time nobody peed. I realized it was Seth, when I heard him go back to his room. What on earth? I asked if he was ok, and when there was no answer, got up. Imagine my surprise to find him fully dressed, holding his phone, looking out the open window in his room!

“Are you trying to sneak out?” I exclaimed in amazement. He said no, but then it turned out that he was, and then a whole thing ensued. Far from hilarity. But at the end of it, we more or less came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t sneak out and I wouldn’t let him go out, despite the fact that I don’t let him do anything and I completely and utterly cramp his style and don’t trust him and oh, did he mention (only 8 million times) that he hates me? So ok, I ended up staying awake for at least another hour doing Sudoku on the couch (I was pretty sharp at it, too, let me tell you!) and then reading in bed. I finally fell asleep after I heard him drop his book – usually a pretty sure sign that he’s fallen asleep himself.

So I’m exhausted today, and I don’t even want to get into it with Tex, who is away at grad school for her last intensive weekend of the year because, heck, she’s got enough on her plate what with year-end presentations, etc.  (Of course I’ll tell her about it when she gets back.) But I did end up spilling my guts to my neighbor whose pseudonym I have forgotten, let’s just call her Amanda. She had called me this morning before anyone else was up to get the name of my piano tuner, tell me she needed the boys help later to move rocks in her garden, and oh yeah, could she borrow a banana for breakfast? We met at the fence and I told her the whole thing in whispers and she couldn’t have been more kind. Because she’s known Seth his whole life, she has a pretty good bead on him and we both agree that he is a good kid with a big heart and, as she said in her Tennessee way, “This too shall pass.” I felt so much better after talking with her and connecting in that very parent-y way (we also talked about the 16-year old girl, Seth’s contemporary, who recently committed suicide, such a horrible, horrible tragedy).

A good neighbor is a jewel of untold worth. Amanda and I have seen each other through divorce (mine), illnesses, operations, job trouble, school trouble, and many many more. Together we have celebrated graduations, accomplishments, honors, birthdays and many many more. One of Amanda’s many endearments for kids, hers and others, is “muffin”. One of my endearments for kids, mine and others, is “baby chicken”. Together we are holding our kids and others as close as we can in this crazy world. We are holding each other and our families close. How did I get so damn lucky??

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  1. Your blog is awesome, dear. Have checked in now and then and only now have actually taken the time to comment. An inspiration! (Trying to get back to mine; it has gaps of time you could drive a train through.)

  2. Thank you so much! Yes, a blog is a delicate creature, with its own mysterious cycles… Come back any time!


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