A Very Gay Day

What a gay day! Owen came home cheerful as a little bat, dancing around, singing, humming. He said, “I hate having to go back to school on Mondays, but then after school I get to go to the GSA and it’s so much fun! That’s a good reason to like Mondays!” And Seth, who had run up the hill from basketball practice, later said, “Mom, when I was walking from the high school I was behind some kids and one of them said someone was a fag and one of the others said, ‘Don’t use the f word!’” I gave him five and asked him if he had a secret inner smile to that, and he said, “Kind of.” Then I asked both boys if they thought people were using “gay” and “fag” less as insults, and they both thought that there’s more awareness and less abuse of those words. Then Owen and I went off to the Friends of the GSA meeting where we talked about supporting the GSA at the middle school, ideas for a display in the media center, ideas for the upcoming dance which will be at the end of No Name Calling Week. And you may find this hard to believe, but I also ran into not one, but two gay people at the grocery store and had long conversations with both of them about their recent gay divorces. All in all, it was an extremely gay day. I wouldn’t have it any other way! OK????

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