Gay Coconut Head

Today, in the minivan (so much of what happens, happens in the minivan), Owen cracked open the coconut water drink he had asked me to buy for him at the health food store. It was disgusting, alas, and he hesitated not in the least to let us know. Seth said something inflammatory along the lines of, “You should have known it was gay!” And I said something like, “Yes, and I’m a gay coconut!” And Seth said, “You and Tex should wear coconuts on your heads.” I was puzzled, but then he reminded me of a recent cover of Lesbian Connection which he had happened upon in a stack of my belongings and which you can see here, in the upper left:

Laughing so hard I almost drove off the road, I asked him if he thought maybe he had been scarred by that cover, and he allowed as how he probably had. And Owen, from the back seat, chimed in wearily, “There is so much to be scarred by, living in this family.”

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