How’s It Hangin’?

In the break down of chores, I do the laundry, for the most part – I’m doing it right now, in fact – and that is fine, because my Husbutch does other things like right now she’s out in the back yard taking out the pricker bushes (invasives) in order to plant something native, as we are doing what we can to have the best bird/bee/butterfly habitat in our small patch of suburban earth. Our own personal contribution, which is nice to be working on on 10/10/10 (see for more).

Back to laundry: The other day, a man came to fix the washing machine, which had been leaking deplorably. Very cheerful fellow, turns out his kids go to the same elementary school our kids went to, so we had a nice natter about that – in fact, it was kind of a long natter. Then he got to work and fixed the machine and went cheerfully off with good wishes for the middle school years on both our parts (one of his daughters is the same age as Owen). Later, I went to the basement to get after some whites, and realized that the whole time he was down there, nattering with me and then fixing the machine, a bouquet of about 5 of my bras were hanging to dry on hangers, not 2 feet from his head – and I wear colorful, fun ones, too. I suppose washer/dryer repair people see all kinds of things, but I am embarrassed in retrospect, as it isn’t very decorous. And I don’t want him to have a visual if we run into each other at a school event!

In other news, we’re actually going on a date tonight. I’m about to go rest a little to prepare (I’ve had a cold). It’s a caberet from these folks

and has the theme of APOCALYPSE, which I hope isn’t too much for my staid Spouse, who hated “Children of Men” so much that she could hardly speak after we saw it. “Apocalypse”…cheery!  Just the thing to offset all this hullabaloo…And that does it for this very domestic post!

I’m going to go lie down now.

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