Not Going to the Femme Show – Again!

This evening, the air is luscious, almost-fall, smooth as silk, just gorgeous. Earlier, my Hubby was sitting out on the deck with our dog on her lap, both of them with their snouts to the very slight, sensuous breeze.

We’ve been doing paperwork a lot today, figuring out things like life insurance, which I have to have for my parenting agreement with my boys’ other mom. The boys are at her house this weekend (“Happy White Domination Weekend!” a woman up at the dog park said to the gathered dog owners this morning, my Husband reports), so we are on our own. We have planned a date for a long time, a cabaret in Cambridge on Sunday. Then we found out the Femme Show is on for tonight, but we aren’t going. Even though we would like to, and friends of ours will probably be there, and even though we missed it last time, too.

But…I have a sore throat, probably on loan from Seth, who’s been reacting to the changes in weather with various cold symptoms. My Husband wants only to be out in the yard puttering, although it’s dark now. So we stayed home and I made soup and we split a dark beer and later we’re going to watch tv.

You might think that we are boring and old, but I was pretty much like this when I was young, too.

Here’s the soup I made – soup of the evening, beeeeyooootifuuuul soup! Maybe you’ll make it, too.

Autumnal Beet Soup

1 large onion, roughly chopped

4-5 small/medium beets, peeled and chopped

2 carrots, peeled and chopped and salted

2 celery stalks, chopped

a good hunk of cabbage, chopped biggish


beef broth


bay leaf



caraway seeds


soupcon of sage

even smaller soupcon of clove

Fry the onion in olive oil in soup pot until translucent, add everything but the cabbage, fry for a few minutes, add beef broth, cook until veggies are soft-ish, add cabbage, cook another 5-10 minutes.

Serve with squeezes of lemon, dollops of yogurt, bread and goat cheese.


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