Offsides video

I kept writing all kinds of posts in my head to restart my blogging, but it turns out I had to figure out a way to show Seth this video  without also bringing up some pornography involving a popular man product marketed heavily to 11-year old children which name I refuse to type (hint: Lizzie Borden had one). What does that have to do with offsides? It must be a slang term with which I am unfamiliar. Not that I’m against pornography per se, but when you’re trying to explain offsides to a 14-year old, it might be extremely distracting to say the least to have a beaver shot right there on the screen as well. So, live and learn about offsides, dear reader!

Hahahahahahahahahahand it didn’t even work! I confess, dear reader, I sometimes have great difficulty navigating this particular lane of the INFORMATION HIGHWAY!!! Oh well, at least the pornography is happy/jolly and everyone looks like they’re having a good time! Seth claims not to have seen that particular ad, but that’s a little hard to believe. Oh well, on to the next event!

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