It’s Gonna Take an Ocean…

For my birthday this year, my fellas gave me a very pampery set of presents: gift certificates for a mani, a pedi, and a massage. I haven’t cashed in the mani or the massage yet, but last week I went and got my pedi. I go to this very groovy place is Davis Square and chat chat chat with the straight-but-not-narrow girls in charge. Usually, I go for a vibrant color, like the gorgeous deep red I had over Christmas or the hottish pink I had last summer, but this time, I decided on something more subtle. There was this lovely pink, with just a hint of lavender in it like a whisper of spring, like a petal, like the blushing depths of a tulip.

Just now, I was going in the linen closet for something, and happened to glimpse a bottle of a certain product somebody usually needs at least once over the summer for poison ivy or other itchy situations. I looked at the bottle. I looked at my sophisticated toes. I giggled. Yes, folks, my dainty toes have been painted the color of calamine lotion. Faaaabulous!

And speaking of Poison Ivy…

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