Update from the Femmedom

Right now, Owen and my Beau are in the kitchen doing the dishes and going crazy with their version of “Bohemian Rapsody” and totally cracking themselves up and making the dog do SERIOUS tilty head. Seth has fled upstairs and is practicing “Layla”. Now Owen has come over and is doing a Wayne dance (we love “Wayne’s World” in the Femmedom), and my Beau is playing air dishtowel guitar and “Layla” just went up a notch. They are making me laugh, which is good because I’ve been a complete terror all day and biting people’s heads off maybe because I haven’t gotten my period in about 2 months despite constantly feeling like I’m going to (periomenopause in the Femmedom). Now we’re going to a badminton thing at a local grade school sponsored by the rec department. Can you do the fandango???

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