Two moms and no cell phone equals…


This according to my 12-year old. I don’t believe I’ve really introduced my family. Seth is my eldest, he is 12, he is in sixth grade and lately a girl has been calling him just about every day. No information forthcoming about why – today I said mildly, “Gosh, she’s been calling every day.”

“Hrugh.” (I translate this to mean yes.)

“Guess you guys have a lot to talk about, huh?” Accompanied by a fond pat on his arm.

“Hrugh.” (I translate this to mean yes.)

“So what do you talk about?”

“Hrugh.” (I am having difficulty translating this – any suggestions from other folks who have pre-teens?)

End of conversation, as I’m trying to act like a mild and non-threatening part of the landscape so the timid forest creature will unsuspectingly come up to me and act natural. Sometimes it even works!

Ok, now let me introduce Owen. He is 9 and in 4th grade and my Beau and I often refer to him as “Dr. Love” as he is almost always so agreeable and up for anything. He also is very sensuous and one of my favorite memories of him is when he was maybe 3 and we were in a relatively long and boring church service at a friend’s church. I snuck my hand up under his shirt and started rubbing and scritching his back, just to keep him from starting to get antsy. I guess I’d never done exactly that kind of lovin’ on him, because his eyes glazed over, his head began lolling, and I thought he might drool.

“Mama,” he sighed. “That feels SO GOOD!”

Both boys are pretty sporty, and the soccer season is just about to end. Owen will continue with indoor soccer; Seth will go on to basketball. Another time I will write about how I feel about the fact that 2 different coaches called the boys on the teams “ladies.” Seth plays guitar and Owen plays piano and recently took up the cornet, which belonged to my great grandfather.

And now my Beau, my handsome, upright, smart, funny butch. She’s a carpenter and works for a non-profit; until last year she worked in a woman’s prison teaching carpentry to the inmates, now she’s doing more administrative work but keeping up the carpentry on the side.

As for me, I’m a writer, an editor, I teach ESL, and I’m lucky lucky ducky to be a mostly stay-at-home mom.
So here we are on election night. I’ve been nervous and out of sorts all day and I’m still nervous. We had such a nice neighborly time, though. Our beloved neighbors, who have 3 kids around the same age as ours, invited us over to watch the TV, since ours has GONE DARK and we haven’t done squat about it (don’t worry, we can still watch our PBS videos, like “The Duchess of Duke Street” and “Foyle’s War”). Anyway, we went over with our Bailey’s and sat until almost 9:30. The kids drifted in and out, but mostly just hung out with each other, and we grownups got to talk to each other via the TV the way folks do, and it was just so nice, it was our own election gathering. (Not so many people as in Chicago, though.)

Right now we’re watching “Democracy Now” on the computer and I’m writing this and my Beau is puttering around. She said earlier, “I’ve never seen Amy Goodman look so happy!” and it’s true. I’m proud of my people in Iowa for voting for Obama and disappointed in my people in Nebraska. (I’m good Midwestern stock.)

Ok, they’re saying Obama won. I’m pretty much in shock and my Beau just said, “It hasn’t even sunk in.” Wow. We just went up and whispered to the sleeping boys that Barack Obama won. Wow. Wow. Wow.

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